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The Digifort Face Recognition module is a worldwide partnership between Digifort and the American company RealNetworks, with their SAFR module. This module enables face recognition with excellent accuracy and high reliability (currently measured and certified by the MIT in University of Massachusetts), with a 99.86% accuracy, providing the user important details regarding the identified personel, such as:

  • Face Match: Biometry with Face detected and Face registered in the database;
  • Approximate Age: Through Face identification the algorithm can indicate the age of the individual with a plus or minus margin of error of approximately 3 years;
  • Gender: Also through the identified face tell which gender the individual belongs to;
  • Feeling: We can tell which state the individual is emotionally in and can range from:
    • Sad
    • Nervous
    • Neutral
    • Happy

Recognizing the face of a particular individual sometimes becomes crucial to the operation of a particular business and, it is important that such recognition is effective, due the alerts will be generated based on the information present in the database. With the module we can work 4 list models, and trigger events in VMS according to our need. Today these lists are:

  • Permission List: Registered users with access to the site or locations;
  • Restriction List: Registered users, and without access to the site or locations;
  • Watch List: Registered users, but they must be accompanied on site, or places;
  • Unrecognized List: Unregistered Users.

The Face Recognition module can be used for various processes, such as: recognition of wanted or suspected individuals by the Police, identification in the retail area of suspected individuals who commit minor offenses. We can also work as an access control, allowing those registered in specific lists, to enter the locations through a “Smile Action”, which requires the individual to identify himself to the camera, and upon positive confirmation of his registration, perform a smile, so that the door can be opened, for an example.

As it is fully integrated with the Digifort camera monitoring system, all alarms available on our VMS can be triggered, making the operator immediately aware of the fact. When a suspicious face is detected, you can trigger audible warnings in the operating room, bring the person's image, send an email, block turnstiles, among other possibilities.

The system also has several types of research and reports, allowing better analysis of the facts. It can also become a great marketing tool, identifying VIP customers, ensuring that the guest receives a differentiated treatment, as well as analyzing the frequency of this guest in the environment and also:

  • Percentage of men and women attending the environment;
  • Average level between the emotional state of individuals in the environment.

The system also has mobile access through a free application, which can identify individuals and also perform simple and direct registration through the phone's own interface.

Some Features:

  • Instant and modular identification of groups or individuals;
  • Local or remote facial database;
  • Identification with PTZ cameras in outdoor environments;
  • Import via existing photos, videos, or events
  • Custom activation of external devices based on tags (turnstiles, alarms);
  • Customization of allowed and restricted access areas for each profile;
  • Sending alerts and notifications via email;
  • Interfaces to query third party databases;
  • Extraction of consolidated and detailed reports in extensions “.csv”, “.pdf” and “.xls";
  • Free Via Mobile Access;
  • Possibility of access control via Smile Action.