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Digifort has a powerful video analytic module that used in conjunction with its client interface, will allow the monitoring to be more efficient and intelligent, helping the operators to obtain a greater ability to process claims and the detection of events. Developed for continuous operation, without the need for the operator’s constant attention. It is constantly analyzing programmed behavioral situations, it generates alarms according to events that are occurring at the time of operation, for example: a car exceeding a speed limit, a person entering a property, a car parked or stopped in a restricted area, an abandoned object, an object removed or even to alert about suspicious movement of people.

Generates statistical reports and graphs for all events in the system such as counting objects and people, abandoned objects and face detection among others. It has several advantages such as: advanced algorithm for detection and tracking of objects, easy configuration and operation, efficient and uncomplicated solution.

This module due to its high processing requirement needs its own server, which can process up to 30 cameras utilizing analytics. Licenses are sold per camera and can be used with any system camera, either IP or thru encoders.

Analytics follow specific rules and require properly trained personnel in order to get the desired benefits, each analytical module has its characteristics and unique set up for its proper functioning such as: camera height, positioning, adequate lighting, customization rules.


  • Counting and filtering of people, objects and vehicles
  • Abandoned and withdrawn objects
  • Direction of people and vehicles
  • Loitering/agglomerations(forbidden areas)
  • Camera obstruction, vandalism
  • Virtual barriers and fences
  • Speed analysis
  • Face Capture
  • Tailgating
  • See our catalog to know all the features